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Why we feel it’s important that you are heard.

We have all been to places where we haven’t felt that genuine care. Whether it’s a healthcare provider, in a restaurant or at a retail store – being cared for is something you can feel in your heart.

When it’s not there – you can feel empty.

That’s where Oasis Orthodontics comes in. To make one part of your life – orthodontic treatment –  a more relaxing and comfortable experience for you.

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Be the hero of your smile journey.

Your first consult with Dr. Knoefel

Working with you to design your treatment plan

Your treament start date

Regular monitoring and motivational checkups

Celebrating your new smile

Always there for you

Caring for all ages and lifestyles.

The gift of a smile.

Dr. Knoefel knows how embarrassing it felt to have ‘buck teeth’ and a lisp because his tongue kept shooting into the gap between his upper and lower front teeth.

He also remembers beaming from ear to ear when his braces came off, and the boost in self-confidence that an attractive smile brought him in those formative teen years.

By age fourteen he had decided that he wanted to transform smiles and become an orthodontist himself.

For over twenty years, Dr. Knoefel has helped thousands of people unleash their self-confidence through the transformative power of a radiant new smile.

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Dr Knoefel as a child

Photo of Dr. Knoefel fitting a clear aligner to a male patient

Your smile, your way…

Build the smile of a lifetime.

Why Choose Us?

  • Patient experience is our focus
  • Customer service starts the moment you pick up the phone to call us.
  • Every visit includes complimentary coffee and water bottles.
  • Relaxing massage chairs to unwind if you’ve had a long day.
  • High end orthodontic office atmosphere. Just check out the photos.

Flexible payment options

Flexible payment options

  • We know our fees are not the lowest; what you can expect in return is a premium experience and outstanding personalized care
  • Let us help you with 0% interest free payment plans.
  • Flexible down payment options.
  • Direct billing to your insurance company.

Be an active participant

Efficient, High-Quality Treatment Outcomes

  • Dr. Knoefel has over 25 years of experience, and his Google reviews showcase his patients’ satisfaction with the outstanding and swift results he delivers.
  • Adequate time spent at every visit to make sure your treatment is on track.
    Detailed mid treatment revisions to analyze your case.
  • 45 minutes with Dr. K at your first visit to clearly understand your treatment plan and answer your questions. Educating you about your oral health is paramount at Oasis.

Top 10 secrets to efficient and effective orthodontic care.


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