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Click on the link for the latest news regarding COVID-19


An attractive smile helps develop self-confidence for teenagers and has a tremendous impact on their self-esteem during those formative years. Socially, teens are more accepting of orthodontics since many of their peers are in treatment at the same time.

There are important reasons for this. By the teen years, most kids have a full set of adult teeth. Secondly, since they are experiencing rapid growth, bite problems can often be corrected more efficiently.

Do you want your teen to have a beautiful smile for Grade 9 or Grade 12 graduation? Come and see us at Oasis!

Blocked Teeth

The canine is up higher and there is no room for it to come in.

Anterior Cross bite

One or more of the top front teeth is biting behind the lower front teeth.


Front teeth have a space between them.

Severe Crowding

Not enough room for all the teeth.

Canine Substitution

Missing a front tooth, so we used the canine to put into the missing front tooth space.

Final look, the canines are in place of the upper lateral teeth and reshaped.


Front teeth do not touch. 


Front teeth overlap lower teeth.

*Results may vary depending on each patient