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Orthodontics for Children

"At what age should I bring my child in for an orthodontic consultation?” is one of the most common questions we get asked. According to the Canadian and American Associations of Orthodontists, the answer is age 7, because many developing bite problems can already be detected. In fact, by intercepting these problems early,  future treatment can be greatly simplified, injuries to the front teeth can be prevented,  tooth extractions can be avoided, and even the need for future surgery can be reduced. If treatment is delayed until all of the adult teeth are in, it may be too late to avoid extractions or surgery, and the treatment could be much harder on the patient.  Some common orthodontic problems that we encounter in children are finger and thumb habits, crowding or spacing, crossbites, open bites, protruding front teeth, deep bites and underbites.
So bring your little one in for an orthodontic consultation today! Even if they aren’t ready for treatment yet, Dr. Knoefel will continue to monitor the development of their bite problem, with x-rays when needed, until they are.

Open bite

Front teeth do not meet but the back teeth do. 

Posterior cross bite

One or more top back teeth are biting inside the lower back teeth.

Anterior Cross bite

One or more of the top front teeth is biting behind the lower front teeth.

Under bite

When the lower front teeth bite ahead of the upper teeth.


When the upper front teeth stick out beyond the lower front teeth. 


Excessive space between teeth. 

Deep bite

Where the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth quite a bit. 

severe crowding

There is not enough room for all the teeth to erupt properly. 

oral habits

This is a result of finger or thumb sucking habit or tongue thrust.

*Results may vary depending on each patient

If you think that your child should be seen for an orthodontic consultation we would be happy to get you in to see Dr. Knoefel.