Click on the link for the latest news regarding COVID-19

Click on the link for the latest news regarding COVID-19


“Am I not too old for orthodontics?” No, you certainly are not! Dr. Knoefel has provided care for adults from 18 to 82! Simply put, teeth can be moved at any age.

For adults, there can be any number of important reasons to consider orthodontics. Looking to make a great impression for a job interview? Getting married? Attending a loved one’s wedding? Or what about just saving the teeth you have from further breakdown caused by a bad bite?

Many adults are hesitant to get treatment later on in their lives as they fear it won’t fit in with their social or life events. The beauty of Oasis Orthodontics is that we will work with you to develop a custom plan that addresses your aesthetic needs, but at the same time ensures that you achieve the results you desire in a timely fashion. Don’t worry about having treatment close to your wedding day or big job interview; we can come up with a plan to help your treatment stay between just us if you want.

Having the smile you’ve always wanted gives you the confidence to get that new job you’ve been wanting. Think how amazing those wedding photos will look years from now with gorgeous straight teeth.

Full Reconstruction

Missing Teeth

Deep Bite

Lower front teeth buried behind upper teeth. This causes the lower teeth to wear down excessively.

*Results may vary depending on each patient

Come visit us at Oasis so we can show you just how achievable a healthy, beautiful smile is at any age.