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Click on the link for the latest news regarding COVID-19


Don’t you wish you could escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world to your own “oasis”? That’s what we are all about here at Oasis Orthodontics. Our main focus is caring for you, by providing you with comfort and well-being while you or a loved one embark on the journey toward a beautiful smile. Kind words, laughter and  hugs are free!

From the moment you walk in the front door and see the smiling faces of Holly, Julie and Dani welcoming you; when you cradle that warm cup of gourmet coffee or hot chocolate, you have entered your Oasis.  We strive to give you a unique, pleasant experience that exceeds your expectations.

At Oasis, we are firm believers in “participatory care”. Dr Knoefel and his team respect and value the rights of their patients to make decisions about their care. We encourage you to actively participate in all aspects of your journey by being involved in shared decision making. Together we will develop a customized care  plan to best suit your lifestyle, your aesthetic needs and your unique personality. It will be a life-changing decision that you won’t stop smiling about!



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At Oasis we love giving back to the community!  So far we have donated over $73,000 to 86 different local and regional charities, and continue doing so on a daily basis.  As an office, we participate in the CIBC Run for the Cure yearly to raise funds for breast cancer research. We are also proud to sponsor our patients’ numerous hockey, soccer, dance, cheer and modeling events.


Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don't hesitate to contact us.


Do I need a referral from the dentist to come see you?

Absolutely not, we love meeting new people and a referral is not necessary at all.

Is it going to hurt?

Placing the braces on your teeth does not hurt, however we do need to use a cheek retractor that will stretch your lips and cheeks. This sometimes is uncomfortable but it is not in there long.

Do you do braces on the inside?

Yes, we do have the option to place braces on the inside of your teeth. However there are many different options that maybe a better choice depending on your custom treatment plan.

Do you use needles to put the braces on?

Absolutely not! We don’t even have them in the office.

Is the same assistant going to work on me each visit?

Although you may have your favorites, when you come in for your adjustment visits you will get different assistants working on you. We can try our best to see if your favorite assistant is free however when you come in.

Will my teeth shift after my braces come off?

Teeth have memory. They will shift without a doubt if the retainers we give you do not get worn as we ask.

How long do I need to wear my retainers?

Retainers are for life, there is no if ands or buts about it. If they are not worn properly teeth will shift.

My braces are ready to come off, is it too soon ?

When it is time to remove your braces it is based on how well the teeth respond to treatment. Some cases move along quicker than others and it is solely based on the cooperation of the individual and followed treatment plan. Braces will not be removed if there are any doubts at all by the doctor or patient.

Will my wisdom teeth affect how straight my teeth are?

Wisdom teeth have no effect on your teeth and how straight they are. If you have your wisdom teeth removed after braces are done and you are in retainers, we ask that you try and get your retainers in as soon as possible after the removal to prevent any shifting. Usually in a couple days after removal they can be worn again.

I lost my retainer, now what?

Oh No! don’t go without your retainer, call the office and book an appointment to get new ones made so that no teeth shift. *There maybe a charge for new sets of retainers made*

Is it normal for my teeth to be wiggly?

Yes, it is very normal to feel like your teeth are wiggly during treatment. Keep in mind we are moving the teeth through bone so it is expected for them to be wiggly.

Is it normal I can’t bite down after I get my braces put on?

Yes, sometimes we use blue plastic on your back molars to hold your bite open purposely so that your bite is open. This allows us to move your teeth more freely without your bite locking them into place.

When should I bring my child in for their first orthodontic exam?

Typically we see children starting at age 7. The reasoning is that once we see them at that age we can see any impending issues that may develop into more complex bite problems as they get older. When they are younger we can do  interceptive orthodontics to correct the bite issue early on in growth so that when they are ready for full braces, as older children,they treatment time is shorter.

How often do I come for adjustment appointments?

Typically we like to see our patients every couple of months while they are in braces. It all depends on what point we are in the treatment as sometimes we like to see you sooner so we can keep a close eye on your progress.


What is the cost of an orthodontic exam?

Children exams are $95 and adults are $155

Why is there a fee when some offices offer “free consultations”?

At Oasis, we provide you with a full set of diagnostic images which are yours to keep. This includes high-quality digital photographs as well as x-rays. Our doctor and care team will spend a full hour with you to understand you and your care needs and complete a full diagnosis and treatment plan. This customized plan will be developed with your full participation and explained to you in detail. Most insurance plans will reimburse the consultation fee completely.

How much is it going to cost?

Fees for orthodontic care vary according to the complexity of the problem and the extent of treatment. We are proud to offer flexible, zero-interest payment plans that work with your budget.

Does my insurance cover orthodontic treatment?

Since not all dental insurance plans cover orthodontics, be sure to look into your coverage prior to your consultation visit. But whether you have insurance or not, it will be a pleasure for our expert financial coordinator to work out a payment plan that works best with your budget.

Do you accept all insurance companies?

We are current with most insurance companies, and will make every effort to help you fill out the appropriate forms to get reimbursed.

Do you have a payment plans as an option for treatment costs?

Yes, we provide many no interest payment options to fit your family’s needs.

Do you charge interest on remaining balances ?

We do not charge interest on the cost of treatment, even if it is financed in a payment plan.